Thursday, May 5, 2016

Directors' Thoughts...

We are a little under one month to opening night -- we have hit snags, hiccups, lost cast, gained cast, had miscommunications, illnesses, conflicts galore, but one thing remains consistent through it all : The children continue work SO hard to make things excellent. They step in where they are needed, they take on more than they had before, they are a remarkable bunch...and they do it cheerfully, willingly -- even EAGERLY.

When we are away a few days -- we start stressing and picking at things, thinking, worrying, wondering if there will ever be enough time...if it will indeed all come together. Then the entire cast sings one note so beautifully that the goosebumps take over your skin, or someone delivers a line with just the right panache so there isn't a soul left not laughing, or another someone adds just the right touch to a scene that just MAKES the scene, OR we just fun anything, just all just makes us sit back and realize that everything is going to end up just right -- just exactly what it SHOULD be.

With that said -- some house-keeping:

Starting Monday, we will be back at Memorial Auditorium, we will start running each Act (starting with Act 2 on May 9th) in turn. We should be able to get through the entire Act in less than one and a half hours, but we want to set in that much time to fix areas that are a little gray. This week cast should work hard to get off-book. There is blocking that needs to occur that is very difficult when cast members are holding their scripts.

PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE -- your lines, your music, your cue lines...We have asked actors to be off-script by May 16th, and we will start running the show on May 17th (Tuesday). Starting May 17th, we will need ALL cast every rehearsal. If you cannot make it, PLEASE let us know.

We are planning a work day on Saturday, May 14th about 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. -- mostly we will be painting and repurposing things. Luckily not too much has to be built for this production.

If you have any talents, sewing, makeup, hair, kid-wrangling, cheerful attitude, ticket taking, publicity, snack providing, etc. -- PLEASE contact Kimberly or Darick Harriger with your "willing to help with" list. We could use help for sure.

Thank you, so much, for sharing your talented children with us. We couldn't ask for a better bunch to work with. We have SO much positive energy at EVERY rehearsal. It has been a learning process for Darick and I, but we sincerely look forward to spending that time at rehearsal, and we sincerely hope your children are learning and growing with us as well. The closer we get to show-date the more and more excited we become. can ONLY get better from here.

Contact info:

Darick --
Kimberly --
                -- 321-848-2406 (text or call)